How to: Auto Scroll Back to Your First Screen on Apple iPhone X

Published On November 20, 2017 | Feature, How To

The iPhone X has a whole lot of new gestures to learn. Scrolling back to your first screen used to be done with a simple double tap of the Home button, but without a Home button to tap on the iPhone X, you have to now do the same swipe up gesture as you do when going to the home screen from an app.

How to fast scroll back to your first screen of icons

When you are viewing any other page of apps that is not the first screen, do the following…

  1. Place your finger at the bottom of the display, below the dock.
  2. Swipe up short and quickly, otherwise you enter multitasking mode if you do it too slow.
  3. Your screen will now auto scroll to the first page of apps.

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