How CarPlay Can Assist and Entertain Passengers 

The application of the latest technological trends in cars has made driving a bit more efficient. Autonomous driving cars can be a great convenience to anyone who has the luxury to enjoy one. Apple CarPlay, in particular, adds an excellent upgrade to the modern car which can make driving safe and fun. Apply these features and tricks on CarPlay during the next road trip to keep drivers and passengers thoroughly entertained and engaged!

Apple CarPlay as an assistant

Apple CarPlay helps integrate the ever-intuitive user interface of iOS devices in modern cars. It streamlines navigational tools, entertainment apps, and a few utilities in a clean and accessible display for most cars today. Having this technology work alongside self-driving cars makes travelling less hectic for passengers. The technology being hands-free is also a welcome and convenient bonus.

So long as an Apple device can integrate with a car, CarPlay will remain accessible. It is already integrated into most dashboard aftermarket systems developed by the likes of Sony, Kenwood, and Pioneer. That means Siri can speak through their car speakers to assist drivers!

Speaking of Siri, the AI assistant is crucial to the functionality and convenience brought by Apple CarPlay. By commanding or asking Siri, drivers can get updates from almost any news outlet or website that it has access to. It’s perfect should drivers want to know alternative routes during a traffic jam or if there are road closures.

Apart from road updates, Apple CarPlay can also keep track of schedules that drivers and passengers may have programmed on their devices. Most of these schedules can pop up on the interface so that both drivers and passengers will be reminded of any events that they need to attend.

How CarPlay entertains in transit

It can’t be understated what Apple CarPlay can truly provide when it comes to in-car entertainment. From traditional party and card games to sophisticated and immersive video games through devices such as Android AI Boxes, Apple CarPlay and its third-party hardware seems to be evolving constantly. Here is how passengers can keep entertained while on the road.

We have to talk about traditional party games and card games for Apple CarPlay. For people driving alone, Apple CarPlay has a roster of entertaining games that can be played hands-free. Some of these can be familiar, such as Aussie casino games favourites, or other party games to help pass the time. Maybe try a game of blackjack or chess with Siri while waiting for the traffic light to turn green?

However, the power and capacity of Apple CarPlay truly shine with its dedicated games, some of which play out very sophisticatedly, almost like from a console. There are a few games that are integrated for Apple CarPlay, most of which can be played and controlled through voice responses. It can be an excellent way to keep passengers engaged but make sure to pay attention to the road when in the driver’s seat, there are still many opportunities to play!

Another portal that CarPlay can give access to its passengers is streaming. So long as the car is capable of connecting to the internet, Apple CarPlay can provide live streams, both from the car and websites from the internet. So it is definitely possible to watch a few episodes of Netflix for passengers. There are also nice sports apps that would update both drivers and passengers from matches and games they follow. Just make sure that the drivers don’t look at the screen whenever someone scores a three-pointer over at the ESPN app!

Should drivers and passengers prefer something more insightful or productive, audiobooks can also be played over at Apple CarPlay. Apps like Libby and Audible work well with Apple CarPlay, with subscriptions providing a wide range of libraries of all kinds of literature. Keep a fairy tale in hand when driving with the kids, or catch up on the latest journals when on the road!

There are still so many developments for the Apple CarPlay to discover and it seems that its future is only getting brighter. There are even cars being developed solely to maximize their potential. One thing is for sure, it would be an intuitive machine designed for efficient navigation and quality entertainment all at once.

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