Entertainment on the Go: The Best Music and Podcast Features of Apple CarPlay

Accessing your personal music, music playlists and podcasts on your phone while driving in a car can be a challenge, but with Apple CarPlay, it’s never been easier. With its advanced car-friendly music and podcast features and apps, you can access your library, playlists, and streaming services all from your car’s system display. In this Apple CarPlay 101 Guide, we’ll show you the best music and podcast features of Apple CarPlay and how to use them.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your car’s display. Make sure your iPhone is updated and your car is compatible with Apple CarPlay. Once you have connected to CarPlay, your car’s infotainment display will show the Apple CarPlay menu interface.

Step 2: Launch your favourite music app. This could be Apple’s own Music App, Spotify, YouTube Music and many more. Select the app icon on the CarPlay display to launch it.

The CarPlay home screen, select Music app to begin

From there, you can access your music library, playlists, and streaming services all from a safe and intuitive design that’s built specifically for use in the car.

Your personal music, playlists and podcasts are easily presented and accessible

Accessing your music in CarPlay is much less distracting than thumbing through your mobile whilst you’re driving, and in some countries, that can be practically illegal!

Step 3: Play your favourite songs or podcasts. Select the song or podcast you want to play and hit the “Play” button. Apple CarPlay will start playing the selected item.

The Now Playing screen in CarPlay features the most used controls for your music

You can control playback using buttons on the New Playing screen, the wheel controls on your car’s steering wheel, and controls on your iPhone and even your Apple Watch!

Step 4: You can also control your music with your voice, via Siri. Simply press and hold the voice control button on your steering wheel or say “Siri/Hey Siri, play [artist/song/playlist/podcast] on [your music app of choice]” Siri will play the requested item, and you can stop, resume, skip playback using your voice too.

Step 5: From iOS 17, you can share which music is playing over CarPlay with someone else in the car using SharePlay for CarPlay. Simply tap the SharePlay icon to reveal the QR code for other people to scan.

Currently only supported in the Apple Music app, backseat DJs can use their own iPhone to access what’s playing by scanning the QR code supplied on the CarPlay display or connected iPhone, and then begin to interact live with tracks currently playing and choose tracks in the queue using the comfort of their own phone.

Music in the car has never been better

With these simple steps, you can enjoy your music on the go with Apple CarPlay’s music and podcast apps. Whether you’re commuting, road-tripping, or just running errands, Apple CarPlay has got you covered, while doing it safe and intuitively.

Apple CarPlay’s music and podcast features are a great way to make your driving experience more enjoyable. No more fumbling with your phone or getting bored on the road. Let Apple CarPlay bring the entertainment to you. Try it out today and see how it can enhance your driving experience.

For more helpful hints and tips for Apple CarPlay, head over here for a full list of how to and guide content.

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