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Wireless dongle owners, I need your help…

Over the past few months, I have noticed a mass of confusion and huge frustration from owners of Wireless CarPlay Dongles. It seems many dongle maker’s compatibility lists should really be read with a pinch of salt. I’ve noticed lots of comments where a vehicle’s make, model and year is listed as compatible, yet when the dongle arrives it simply does not work, requiring a wait for a future update or a frustrating return and refund of the dongle.

I have thought long and hard about creating a for a few months now, and today I am glad to be able to bring this forward and share it with you, dear dongle owner.

If you have a wireless dongle, or even if you have bought and sent it back due to it not working in your vehicle, we would love for you to share your experiences. The outcome of this survey not only to help the community but also for dongle makers to understand which vehicles to target their next compatibility updates.

Everyone wins here, and it just needs a few minutes of your time.

Our short survey just asks for the vehicle or the aftermarket receiver you are using and whether it is working for you or not, and how you would rate its experience. Afterwards, there are some optional additional questions for us to better understand your experiences and what you would like in future updates of these dongles.

I really hope we can achieve a large body of data to report back on. My aim is to collect the data we receive via the each month and update a single page that shows which dongle works for which vehicle, which dongle to avoid due to bad ratings and generally share owner’s views and aspirations of this magical bit of technology.

does not collect profiles, emails or personal data, it is totally anonymous and you can fill it in multiple times if you have tried a few dongle brands, or you have tried the same dongle in a few other vehicles where you know it works or not.

Please share

I also ask if you could , social media, and in-vehicle or CarPlay forums. We need as much feedback as possible to make this work for everyone. Once I have at least 100 responses I will begin to compile a home/hub for dongle compatibility for potential newcomers to refer to and be 100% reassured that any dead dongle will work with their vehicle.

Thanks, Anthony

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