Christmas Gifts For Apple CarPlay Car Owners

With a Christmas fast approaching us, it’s time to think about that special gift to go under the tree for your friends and loved ones. Below is a list of some of the best Apple CarPlay ideas for that special someone who maybe a little, car nuts.

Wireless Qi Charging Mount

With the release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, wireless charging is finally here, and if they have such a device, they maybe looking to get their iPhone wirelessly charging in their car. There are a number of wireless chargers for your desktop and car. One of the finest is the W3 vent mount Qi wireless charger from Neotrix.

Wireless Qi Charging Plate

Outside of the car, charging wirelessly in your home is super convenient. Whether you prefer to rest your phone on a vertical stand, or lay it down on a horizontal charging plate, there are many choices out there that will charge your new iPhone 8/8-Plus/X. The Anker fast charge Qi wireless charger is the best seller on Amazon, with 4.5 stars from 479 reviews. A compatible wall adapter is required for fast charging at 10W, so pick up the 4.5-star rated 39W Anker fast charger to complete the gift set.

Car Cradle Mount

A new car mount makes for a great gift. Maybe their old car mount no longer supports their new size of iPhone, a magnetic car mount works wonders here, and future-proofs any iPhone upgrades too. Check out the WizGear Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount, which has a 4-star rating with over 19,000 reviews!

Long lightning cable

Having a long lightning cable can prove to be really helpful for any iPhone owner. It allows you to plug it into a wall socket and allow you the freedom to keep using the device and not lock you to the nearby wall whilst it charges. In the car, it allows you to run the long cable around the car interior, if you have such an inconvenient USB socket location. The Anker 6ft Nylon Braided Cable has over 1100 reviews at 4 stars. It’s a heavy duty cable that will not disappoint.

Fast Charging USB-C to Lightning Cable

Fast charging is also important to anyone with a new iPhone. You’ll need an official Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and supported Apple 29W+ wall socket for this. So if you want to gift the joy of fast charging, maybe consider a fast charging cable and adapter combo. Anker also do a cheaper alternative to Apple’s own USB-C carger, which also supports USB-C Fast Charging.

Wireless CarPlay Stereo

If their note to Santa this Christmas was for wireless CarPlay, the choices are slim in 2017. If they’ve been a good boy/girl, check out the iLX-107 from Alpine. It’s the only wireless CarPlay headunit to release in 2017, and it’s pretty good! This gift also makes an ideal upgrade for anyone that has already fitted an aftermarket headunit in their car, or who are looking to replace one in a second vehicle.

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