Cyber Monday Apple CarPlay Deals

It’s Cyber Monday, and although Black Friday has passed, it hasn’t stopped brands and retailers from offering some GREAT deals on their CarPlay products.

So in this article, I’ll be listing some of the best deals on my most recent recommended products that I’ve reviewed (or am soon to be reviewing) on my YouTube channel.


CarlinKit 5.0 (Up to 49% OFF)

Amazon: $58.99 (31% OFF) / £65.99 (49% OFF)  / €65.99 (32% OFF)

One of my go-to wireless CarPlay dongles that also works with Android Auto systems too for wireless Android Auto. It features a highly customisable options menu, multi-user support, and GPS pass-through, and it performs and sounds great too. 

CarlinKit Tbox Plus Android 13 8Gb+128GB

Amazon: $191.75 (35% Off) /  £200 (29% OFF) / €200 (28% OFF)

This is my review of their earlier Android 11 version of the TBox Plus

Their upgraded TBox Plus is one of the best all-rounder, bang for your buck, AI Box adapters for wired Apple CarPlay systems. You get a fast and stable performance box with decent video streaming performance and dual BT controller support, all of these make up for its rather dated user interface.

CarlinKit Tbox Max / Ambient Android 13 8GB+128GB

Amazon: $194.99 (35% OFF) / Europe / UK

The Max (or Ambient is its other name) AI Box is pretty much the upgraded TBox Plus underneath its different exterior casing. There’s fancy LED lighting up top and OTA updates without the need to upgrade the older cheaper model. More RAM helps reduce loading times and along with its 128GB of storage, there’s only one model to choose from, which keeps it nice and simple when buying. The only issue you might find is stock availability on Amazon.

MMB Max 3.0 CarPlay AI Box


Although costly against its more powerful rivals, I still have a soft spot for the MMB Max. It didn’t start out so well in my earlier review of this AI Box, but in its 3rd itteration, this CarPlay AI Box offers a best in class UI experience, and performance is just great for video streaming from YouTube and NetFlix, whilst casting from your mobile is just as great too. So if that is your main use case, then put this adaptor on your short list. If you’re using it for Android Auto – avoid it.

Ottocast U2-Air Pro Wireless CarPlay Adapter


Ottocast has some great wireless adapters with its U2-Air and U2-Air Pro. The U2-Air Pro improves slightly on its non-pro older brother with a physical fast disconnect button. It is a basic wireless adapter, but this means it can get wireless CarPlay up and running nice and fast. If boot time is important for you, check out this adapter.

Ottocast Picasou 2 & 2 Pro CarPlay AI Box Adapter


The Ottocast Picasou 2 & 2 Pro are great AI Boxes with one of the best user interfaces. The Pro model comes with HDMI IN (as well as OUT found on both models), so unless you need HDMI IN I would stick with the non-Pro model out of these two. Their performance is otherwise the same.

Ottocast Picasou 3 CarPlay AI Box Adapter


Ottocast’s latest Picasou 3 AI Box offers the same hardware specs as their old P2 Ai Box, but with the addition of a customised interface experience, HDMI OUT and improved TV UI support. All this is wrapped up in a sleek-looking package with customisable, colourful LED lights. It may not be a huge upgrade to the P2, but this newer model may offer increased long-term support and OTA updates than its older models.

Coral Vision RX10 & RX7 Portable CarPlay Display


If you do not have CarPlay in your vehicle and you just want a super easy way to install Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your existing car system, the Coral Vision RX10 and RX7 are one of the best CarPlay stereo displays out there to buy.

The RX10 features an ultra-wide 10.26″ display, whilst the RX7 features a smaller 7” display, both have a resolution that will offer more icons in CarPlay, per screen, than on most car stereo systems with lower resolutions.

Audio is passed to your existing stereo in a number of ways, making it easily (and literally) plug-and-play. The RX7 offers a smaller display, but with a similar resolution, which makes it ideal for smaller interiors, without overwhelming your car dashboard and its view out of the windscreen.

Carpruide W901 & W903 Portable CarPlay Display


My review for the W903 is coming soon

Carpuride is another portable car stereo display company that knocks out a number of great displays. They may not match the same quality as Coral Vision’s (mentioned above), but the gap in quality is starting to get a lot closer with their newer releases.

Their W901 and W903 displays offer decent features. Like the RX10 from Coral Vision, both offer Bluetooth audio support, for a better audio transfer. Unlike the RX10, though, BT audio is cast directly to the car stereo on the W901, which in some cases, it might cause compatibility issues with stereos and lack of wheel control support.

I will be reviewing the W903 in a few weeks, which features a similar display but with a 360 degree rotating cam for front or internal recording.

Dasaita DAS-X9s Dash Camera


Still on topic of in-car product deals. I have reviewed a number of dash cameras in my time, and the Dasaita DAS-X9s is one of the best-looking camera video captures I have yet to see beaten. It comes with a rear-facing 1080P camera, of a much lower quality, which can also be mounted anywhere in the car. But its 4K camera capture is where it is at, and if you’re on the lookout for a dash camera deal, this is definitely one to consider.

But it if you need it

Thanks for reading this article. Buying through the links above helps to support the channel and keep my lights switch on. So thank you if you have done so already.

This time is a great opportunity to grab a bargain for tech you have been longing for over the past year or month. But do remember, done buy ‘stuff’ unless you need it.

Take some time before buying, and always check if the deals you see are actually deals. Less than 3% of products sold during this period are actually the lowest they have ever been all year, so still shop around before pulling the trigger.

Happy shopping!

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