Apple CarPlay Featured in Automaker TV Commercials

Last night I was surprised to see my first automaker commercial that featured Apple CarPlay as its key message.

This specific commercial was for the Fiat 500 Mirror, which showed a man who was struggling with his generic smartphone, using an navigation app whilst their smartphone was propped up on their dashboard.

The advert soon cut to the same man plugging in a new iPhone and the dashboard on the Fiat 500 Mirror coming to life with the Apple CarPlay interface. You can check out the Spanish version of the commercial below:

Seeing such an advert did surprise me to be honest. There were no focus on any other function on the vehicle other than Apple CarPlay. With the vast adoption of the iPhone, it is a no brainer for automakers to target new potential buyers with Apple CarPlay support in their vehicles.

Whilst doing a quick search on YouTube, I found a few commercials that also focus on CarPlay to sell their vehicles.

Here is one from Vauxhall in January 2017, selling their Mokka X with Apple CarPlay support. This one is less TV friendly though, and is more of a collection of technical feature commercials.

This TV commercial from November 2016, also from Vauxhall, shows off Apple CarPlay in its Corsa vehicle.

Volvo (below) goes for the slick angles and sweeping panning shots of its centre console, as it shows off Apple CarPlay in its March 2014 commercial.

Although the last few commercials are fairly old, it has only taken Fiat’s 500 Mirror commercial to make it into my own TV viewing, and this could spark the introduction for automakers to increase their focus on Apple’s in-car platform in their vehicles to help entice new potential buyers.

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