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CarPlay Tips & Guides

Not all manufactures and OEM CarPlay systems have a dedicated Siri button. Without a physical button, you need to hold down on the CarPlay’s Home button in order to call Siri into action, but there is a...

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If you have an Alpine iLX-700 (iLX-007 outside Europe) and you’re looking to replace the launch screen of the headunit with your own, then you’ve come to the right place. Although this is detailed in...

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How to: Enable Wireless Apple CarPlay

November 5, 2015 | 3 Comments

Although Wireless Apple CarPlay has been available in iOS 9, whether you have a factory fitted CarPlay stereo in your 2016 vehicle or the latest aftermarket CarPlay system, CarPlay owners are still waiting for manufacturers to unveil or switch...

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How to: Install CarPlay Apps

November 1, 2015 | 7 Comments

So you have a shiny new iPhone, and you have a compatible CarPlay in-car stereo or aftermarket headunit, then you are ready to install some CarPlay Apps!...

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