CarPlay App: QMusic by QNAP

Qmusic by QNAP

Price: Free
April 26, 2013

Description: Ever wanted to stream your music collection stored on your QNAP Turbo NAS with your iOS mobile device? The free Qmusic app is the perfect answer. Prerequisites: 1. iOS 9 or later 2. QNAP NAS running firmware V5.0.0 or later 3. Music Station need to enable on QNAP Turbo NAS. Major features of Qmusic : 1. Streaming music 2. Browse by song, album, artist, genre or folder3. Personal playlist and shared playlist4. Random play your music collection5. Download to mobile device for offline used.

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Latest Version: 2.10.1
Qmusic iOS 2.10.1

[Fixed Issues]
– Fixed an issue when streaming songs to Chromecast, Qmusic could not skip the unsupported songs and continue playing next song.
– Fixed an issue that happened in Car Play, when selected a song in Random 100, the played song was different from selected song.

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