CarPlay App: MusiQ Player – Queue Music

MusiQ Player – Queue Music

Price: Free
April 15, 2014

MusiQ is a gesture-based music player designed to let you manage the now playing queue with ease.

Enqueue songs, albums, artists, playlists, and entire genres from your music library using left-to-right and right-to-left swipe gestures, and rearrange them in the queue however you like by simply dragging!

Set a breakpoint in the queue (when repeat is off) to stop playback after a certain point and to display the amount of time remaining until the breakpoint is reached (like a sleep timer).

Preview the song that’s up next right from the player view by panning the album artwork from right-to-left, and skip to that song by releasing.

Adjust the volume in one dot increments by tapping the speaker icons on either side of the volume bar in the player view.

Browse through your music with filters for songs, albums, artists, genres, and playlists. Further refine a selected category by grouping results with the granularity desired.

The artists filter intelligently finds all songs and albums not only made by the artist, but also featuring the artist, providing a comprehensive listing, unlike many other music players.

Export saved queues directly to the native Music app (requires iOS 9.3 or later), or export them in the iTunes XML Playlist format to the document picker or to open in other apps. This file can be imported into iTunes as a native playlist or into MusiQ as a queue.

Switch between the light and dark themes with a two finger swipe up or down.

Completely usable with VoiceOver.

Download now and try it out!

Note: MusiQ cannot play DRM-protected songs (e.g. M4P format) or songs stored in iTunes Match or iCloud Music Library that have not been downloaded to your device.

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Latest Version: 2.5
[NEW] Added CarPlay support! View the list of songs Up Next, your current Queue, and change the Repeat or Shuffle options—all from the CarPlay interface.

[CHANGE] Added result number indicator to songs in regard to a search in the Queues tab.

[CHANGE] Tapping and holding the Queues tab will now cycle through and highlight each instance of the song searched in the Queues tab, rather than highlighting just the first result.

[FIX] Fixed bug where music would not resume playback after interruptions. Your music will now resume playing, as expected, after interruptions such as a phone call, alarm, watching a video, etc.

[FIX] Fixed bug where the Queue would become unpinned when adding or removing songs above the currently-playing song.

[FIX] Fixed bug where the navigation bar in the Queue tab would shift out of place if pulling down on the queue and quickly switching tabs. This was a weird one to track down and fix.

[FIX] Fixed bug where queues results for a song could be duplicated when searching in the Queues tab.

[FIX] Fixed bugs related to the tap-and-hold gesture in the Queues tab.

[FIX] Fixed crash when switching between the full-size app, and Slide Over or Split View on iPad.

[FIX] Improved performance and stability.

If you love this update, I’d appreciate a review!

Otherwise, I’d like to hear your feedback:
In the MusiQ app, with no music playing, tap the player bar to show the player view, and flick up the MusiQ icon to open the About view with contact details, and just tap your preferred contact method.
Or visit the following link from Safari: musiq://about

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