CarPlay App: HardCast – Podcast Player

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HardCast – Podcast Player

Price: $4.99
February 27, 2017

HardCast is an advanced and modern Podcast Player. With it’s Smart Playlists and advanced playback capabilities, it automates tasks you had to perform manually in the past and improves the experience of listening to podcasts. It’s also universal, so you can listen to Podcasts on your iPhone and iPad. HardCast also supports CarPlay. Your Library synchronizes via iCloud, so you don’t even have to register a new account.


• Player:
– Shorten Silences
– Voice Equalizer: Enhance spoken content and make it louder
– Backskipping: Skip back a few seconds (configurable) when pausing for you to recognise the context of the conversation when you resume playback
– Custom Equalizer
– Change Playback Rate
– Change Seek Interval
– Sleep Timer: Pause Playback after a chosen time interval, or after the end of an episode or chapter
– Stream or Download Episodes
◦ Download Episodes Individually, per Playlist and/or per Podcast

• Playlists:
– Standard Playlists:
◦ Add individual Episodes
– Smart Playlists:
◦ Order Episodes by Publication Date
◦ Order Episodes by Podcast Priority
– Priorities managed per Smart Playlist
– Reorder individual Episodes
– Subplaylists that can be ordered differently, giving you the ability to order some Podcasts by Priority, some by Publication Date
◦ Automatically skip to new Episodes of higher prioritised Podcasts when they become available (optional)
◦ Add individual Episodes

• Episodes:
– Download or Stream
– New Episode Notifications
◦ Optional per Podcast
– Limit Unplayed Episodes
◦ Optional per Podcast

• Chapters:
– Artworks
– Mark individual Chapters to skip
– Automatically detect Intros, Outros and ADs
◦ Skip Chapters by Type
– Optional per Podcast
– FairMode only skips ADs if you already listened to an AD for the same vendor

• Configure the Appearance of the App
– Dark Theme
– Show Remaining Episodes on the App Icon and/or the Feed Tab
– Show or Hide Explicit, Chapter, Advertisement and Download Badges on Episodes

• Apple Watch Support:
– Use your Apple Watch as a Remote for HardCast on iPhone

• CarPlay Support

• Synchronisation between multiple Devices or as a Backup
– Works via iCloud, no Account Registration required

• Integrated Feedback

Download App

Latest Version: 1.2.1
• Added the ability to play episodes of a Podcast in sequence without adding them to a Playlist
• Improvements and Bug Fixes

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