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Enjoy audiobooks from our massive library and see how they can transform your commute, household chores, work out sessions, and more. This free audiobook app has a library of more than 60,000 audiobooks in every genre including fiction, romance, business, sci-fi, mystery and more, PLUS over 2500 free audiobooks. We’ve got thousands of best sellers and add hundreds of new releases every week. Download or stream an audio book to your iPhone or iPad and start listening to a great story instantly. Read more books and get more done with audiobooks from!

-Your first audio book is free!
-Unlimited access to our free audiobook section with 2500+ titles
-Now available to international users (library may vary based on region)
-Effortlessly enjoy audiobooks in your vehicle through full compatibility with CarPlay and select manufacturer’s in-car infotainment systems
-Download audible stories directly to any Apple mobile device
-Stream audiobooks anytime, anywhere over Wi-Fi and mobile data
-Rate and review your audio books without leaving the app
-Streaming allows you to instantly access your entire library without taking up device storage space
-Listen to an audiobook over multiple devices – switch seamlessly between your iPhone, iPad and computer without losing your place
-Exclusive members-only discounts let you save up to 80% on audio books over retail list price
-Library of more than 60,000 audio books including bestsellers, weekly new releases and more
-Enjoy audiobooks together with a huge selection of family-friendly titles for children and young adults
-Learn a new language with hundreds of new educational audio courses for 45+ different languages
-Full-length audio Bibles and other religious audio books, meditations and prayer books

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