Audi Q7 Apple CarPlay Uses Track Pad (Demo)

Published On February 9, 2017 | Video

In an age of touchscreen displays, the Audi Q7 uses a large track pad to interact with Apple CarPlay, as demo’d in this video from MotorMan TV. This is likely due to the positioning of the display in Audi’s new vehicle, where the display is out of reach for most drivers.

[Source: MotorManTV]

  • Gren

    Interesting, but the Audi implementation with a toggle, it’s distance away from the driver and no touch screen seems like a distraction waiting to happen. Volvo XC90 MY16+ released an integrated, touchscreen version of CarPlay with its Sensus hardware as an accessory in May 2016 for its XC90 MY16+ and all of new SPA cars including the V/S 90.