Toyota Boycotts Apple’s CarPlay in Future Models

Published On August 3, 2015 | News

In an odd turn of events, Japanese car makers, Toyota, has decided to use a little known company for its infotainment system over using Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto.

This announcement comes days after VW unveils its full support for Apple and Googles automotive entertainment systems, however it doesn’t mean that they won’t support CarPlay or Android Auto in future models, as Toyota says it will still be evaluating both technologies for driver safety and data protection.

But for now, Toyota’s 2016 Tacoma pickup will be “the first of several Toyota models to use Scout GPS Link from Telenav Inc. The company allows Android and iPhone users to pull up directions and traffic information on their phone or Toyota dashboard while giving the carmaker more say over how to configure the system.”

This is sad news for Toyota fans wishing to have CarPlay functionality in their vehicle, but it sounds like there maybe a chance we’ll see CarPlay in a Toyota, just not any time soon.