Sygic Teases Upcoming Apple CarPlay Offline Navigation App


Since Apple announced support for third-party navigation apps on Apple CarPlay in their upcoming iOS 12, we’ve only had the pleasure of seeing the presence of both Google Maps and Waze icons during Apple’s WWDC iOS 12 showcase in June. We’ve yet to actually see any third-party apps actually running on Apple CarPlay – and no, jailbroken apps don’t count!

Offline maps app Sygic have taken to their blog today to share a single work-in-progress screenshot of their app running on Apple CarPlay.

Sygic claims they will be the first offline maps app on Apple CarPlay. Their single shared screenshot shows a similar user interface as Apple’s own Maps app, which shows that developers have to follow a similar user experience to Music, Messaging and VOIP CarPlay apps.

This means that we will see navigation CarPlay apps share a ‘near’ similar interface, albeit with their own cartography and some additional extras that the developers can include underneath, such as speed limits and lane guidance (something Apple doesn’t support worldwide), as shown in Sygic’s shared screenshot above.

With iOS 12 currently in public beta, it is still a long wait until anyone willing to risk installing Apple’s beta software can run any third-party navigation apps. Developers cannot submit iOS 12 supported apps until  September, so beta users will have to wait a few months before there is any chance of seeing any iOS 12 supported applications appear on their CarPlay display.

Sygic promises more updates on their CarPlay supported app over the coming weeks. So if you’re a user of Sygic, we hope to bring you more news as soon as it is shared.

[Source: Sygic Blog / 9to5 Mac]


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