Spotify CarPlay App Update Adds Long Overdue Feature

Published On August 15, 2018 | News

The latest update (8.4.65) of Spotify’s iOS / CarPlay app has added a long overdue feature request of mine to its Now Playing screen – the ability to ‘Add to Library’.

As a regular Spotify user, it has frustrated me on a regular basis that such an important feature can be missing from the CarPlay display. This simple omission has resulted in either carefully hitting the tiny button on the mounted iPhone screen – sometimes turning it off and back on with multiple presses – or just skipping the feature entirely whist on I am on the move.

Thanks to this latest update, Spotify has added the ‘Add to Library’ button to the middle of the lower draw of options on the ‘Now Playing’ screen, in-between the Shuffle and Loop buttons. Simply tapping the [+] button will add the song to your library and then it will swiftly clear itself from the screen.

The ‘Add to Library’ + button on the Mix and Release Radar playlists Now Playing screen

I first thought that removing this button was a bug, because sometimes I add a song – thinking I like it – but midway through I realise I do not like the track enough to add it to my library. With the button’s removal, I cannot undo this on the CarPlay display, which means I am back to the iPhone again to turn it off.

I soon realised that if this button could be toggled, as it is on the iPhone display, this button would look enabled on all added tracks in your library. This isn’t much of a problem to me, but aesthetically, maybe this is something Spotify would rather not have visible at all times.

Perhaps in future, its developers could track that it has been pressed, and allow the ability during the track’s playback to toggle it back off, staying off when skipped and returned too.

Either way, this is a very welcome feature, and it is good that Spotify is continuously providing development to its CarPlay enabled app, even if it is a little on the slow side.

[Thanks: Reddit]