Sony Announces New XAV-AX220 Apple CarPlay Receiver

Published On August 23, 2018 | News

Sony has recently announced its latest Apple CarPlay receiver, which replaces its now older XAV-AX200 model, shown above.

As the model number suggests, there isn’t really much improvement expected in the new XAV-AX210 Apple CarPlay receiver. The major headline in this new updated model is support for iDatalink Maestro.

For people, like me, unknown to this car system; iDatalink Maestro is a car system that allegedly seamlessly interfaces with the installed vehicle’s steering wheel controls, amps, on-screen vehicle settings and more, outside of CarPlay. So for those seeking a more easily self install, maybe hold out for the release of this one, especially if you wish to maintain your existing vehicle system functions and steering wheel controls.

The AX210 continues with features found in its older models, including its 6.4-inch touchscreen, hands-free bluetooth with calling and music audio playback, SiriusXM, rear camera view, a four channel amplifier and built in CD/DVD player. With no images released by Sony, it’s unknown if this model will have a facelift, but I think this will be unlikely.

The XAV-AX220 is expected to be priced at a similar $399-499 with further pricing and availability being announced later this fall.

[Source: MacRumors]