Porsche Selects Apple CarPlay For Its Upcoming Models

Published On October 6, 2015 | News

Porsche 911 CarPlay 2017

Thanks to Apple’s stance on its data protection, Porsche has chosen to go with Apple CarPlay over Google’s own Android Auto in-car platform.

Apple’s CarPlay just checks whether the vehicle is moving whilst its technology is being used, whilst Google asks manufacturers to report not only vehicle speed, but also throttle position, coolant, oil temperature, engine revs and no doubt much more!

The decision to use Apple’s in-car platform over Google isn’t due to the driver’s privacy concerns but it is more to do with sharing the details of Porsche’s own vehicles and maintaining a competitive edge over their rivals.

Whether manufactures see this as an oversight for them and follow suit with their future models, it remains to be seen, but Google has lost itself a premium manufacture if it continues to consume and share vehicle data in order for it to function.

Look out for CarPlay enabled Porches in their upcoming 2016/2017 line-up of 911 Carrera and Carrera S models.

[Source: Cult of Mac]