Pioneer SPH-DA120 Firmware Update 1.09 Releases

Published On July 25, 2015 | News

Pioneer has released a firmware update for its APPRADIO 4 (SPH-DA120) CarPlay enabled receiver.

Firmware version 1.09 released on 15 July 2015 and is said to bring ‘minor bug fixes’. Whether this is around the CarPlay interface or its own interface is unknown, but it is good to see Pioneer actively improving its CarPlay systems.

The update is stated to be for US and Canadian regioned systems. So I am not sure if Europen systems already have this version (?) so upgrade your EU system at your own risk.

If you’re a DA120 user who has upgraded and has spotted any differences or improvements, please do let us know what they are in the comments below.

Read more details and install instructions for the SPH-DA120 firmware 1.09 update on Pioneer’s website.

  • Guy Florack

    The european system comes with firmware 1.08 installed (manufacture date december 2015). Pioneer has released a 1.11 firmware, but states: This firmware update should be applied only to AppRadio4 (SPH-DA120) units sold in the United States and Canada. What about firmware for the european models?

    • Darko Herak

      I am also interested if it is safe to install the 1.11 firmware on EU version of SPH-DA120! If you find an answer please let me know since I own one and would like to see which buigs were fixed and if any improvements were made to minor problems I seem to be facing.

      • Guy Florack

        For some reason de Pioneer Europe site says “There are no downloads available for this product.”

        • Tudor

          Hey guys,

          I asked customer support about this; I should get a response in 3 days.

          • CarPlay Life

            The recent word I got from my Pioneer source this week was:

            “I have been chasing this with our European head office as well, as they had advised January, once our firmware section on our website had been updated, they receive the update via our engineers in Japan, so i don’t know where the hold up is..

            I am still chasing the firmware, so as soon as I receive an update, I will keep you informed.”

            Sounds like they don’t know too much either. I dunno how much more customer support will know.

          • Tudor

            They replied with the following:

            “The latest firmware available for European models is the 1.07. The American update is exclusively for the American market and its applications.”

          • Typical customer service response then. :/

    • Darko Herak

      I have just now tried installing the firmware, there were no problems, the device clearly states that the firmware installed is 1.11, although I did not see any new features or bug fixes to be honest. I would not bother with it from what I have seen in these few minutes. I’ll keep my eyes open the next few days and see how it behaves.

  • James Gunter

    Hey All, If you are in the EU, I just noticed after using the AppRadio live apps on my iPhone, the firmware is automatically updated. I don’t normally use these apps but if you want to get the most recent firmware with worry, then use the HMDI adapter and USB lightning and it will update for you. Just a few tweaks to the software adjustments but so up to date!