Pioneer Announces New 2016 Apple CarPlay Receivers



AVIC-8200NEX CarPlayAs expected, Pioneer has unveiled their line-up of NEX series Apple CarPlay receivers at this year’s CES 2016.

This is Pioneer’s third-generation of their CarPlay ready receivers, with each five new NEX receivers having a new lick of update paint. On the surface there doesn’t appear to be that much change to them, so I wouldn’t toss your, now old, 8100NEX out just yet! It seems this suite of updates are another set of evolutionary refinements.

All of the new systems carry the same form factor as their previous models, the same low-quality (for today’s standards) screen resolution, and many continue to use the more inferior, resistive touch screens – with the flagship 8200NEX being the only Capacitive display. And there’s still no inclusion of Wireless CarPlay!

Here is a quick rundown of the updates, their display sizes, resolution, touch tech and RRP:

AVIC-8200NEX (pictured above) – 7″ / 800×480 / Capacitive / $1,400

AVIC-7200NEX – 7″ / 800×480 / Resistive / $1,200

AVIC-6200NEX – 6.2″ / 800×480 / Resistive / $900

AVIC-5200NEX -6.2″ / 800×480 / Resistive / $750

AVH-4200NEX – 7″ / 800×480 / Resistive / $700

There hasn’t been any news yet of any update for Pioneer’s more widely adopted AppRadio series, with no updates to be found on their official pages for the popular receiver. Let’s hope Pioneer continues their twice-annual update refresh this year, and in them we’ll see a new AppRadio update soon.

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