Pioneer Announces First Apple CarPlay Single-DIN Reciever

Published On May 20, 2017 | News

As part of a rollout of 5 new Apple CarPlay receivers launching this summer, Pioneer will be releasing the first single-DIN aftermarket receiver with Apple CarPlay support. 

This is great news for car owners with vehicles that only support single-DIN space, such as Mini or many older vehicles. The single-DIN AVH-3300NEX (RRP $600) packs a 7″ display, and along with its four other new receivers, it will have an improved clear resistive touch screen, each with 24-bit true colour LCD panels. These new displays will make them more responsive and have an increased colour depth when compared to older, more traditional resistive displays. 

All five receivers will also feature a redesigned interface, with cleaner lines and a more modern appearance than the 1990s ‘boy racer’ we are all used to. This was one of my major gripes with Pioneer systems, so I look forward to seeing the improvements. 

The rest of the line-up features a mix of 6.2″ and 7″ double-DIN displays. No info as yet whether resolution has improved this time around, but I highly doubt it.

  • double-DIN 7” LCD AVH-2330NEX ($500)
  • double-DIN 7” LCD AVH-2300NEX ($500)
  • double-DIN 6.2” LCD AVH-1330NEX ($400)
  • double-DIN 6.2” LCD AVH-1300NEX ($400)
  • single-DIN 7″ LCD AVH-3300NEX ($600)

Pioneer will be shipping all five new receivers later this summer, in July.
[Source: 9to5Mac]