Kenwood DDX 9702S CarPlay System Release Date Announced

Published On April 17, 2015 | News

Kenwood announced their upcoming CarPlay multimedia systems at CES in January this year with word from their executives that we will see a release of their CarPlay enabled receivers in early “mid-2015“. Well it is now close to that time and Kenwood has taken to their social channels to tease us a little more via their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Clicking through to their Facebook page shows a few shots of a demo pod that displays a DDX 9702S multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Google Auto support.


The 9702S receiver packs a dual solution that features both Apple CarPlay and Google Auto support. When asked for a price and release date, Kenwood USA didn’t comment on a price, but has come back with an “end of  May” (2015) release date. So there isn’t much time to wait until we see Kenwood’s first CarPlay devices in our vehicles.

Will they improve upon both Pioneer and Alpine’s attempts? From the demos at CES there appears to be very little lag between touches, which leans towards a capacitive touchscreen with a fast processor, yet the screen is surprisingly not glass (confirmed by Kenwood USA in the comments), which is likely to help reduce glare/reflection. It will have Bluetooth connectivity, yet it is unknown if this means that the unit will have the ability to support the upcoming Wireless functionality of CarPlay.

The DDX 9702S will no doubt be joined alongside a higher spec’d DDX 9902S at the end of May 2015.