Happy 1st Birthday to CarPlay Life!

Published On April 11, 2016 | Feature, News


Today marks one year of CarPlay Life!  How time flies by!

Just a mere year ago I launched this site to cover an empty void that was news on Apple’s CarPlay platform.  In that time I’ve had lots of support from Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, CarPlay app developers, and CarPlay installers, but most of all, the site wouldn’t be without you, the reader, and all the many CarPlay enthusiasts that have sent in their CarPlay installs, questions and comments.

We’ve all built a growing community on both Twitter and on our Facebook page, and this year I hope to grow that even bigger with the ability to discuss CarPlay, ask questions to owners and share your install and hardware topics in our new CarPlay Forum.

Please do continue to post your installs to our Twitter handle or Facebook page, however posting them up on our forum will also be a way to share your install, love and enjoyment (or frustration) with Apple’s CarPlay.

This following year I hope to be reporting on new aftermarket CarPlay receivers including those from JBL, JVC and new generation receivers from Alpine and Pioneer. I hope to also report on new factory fitted systems in the latest CarPlay enabled manufactured vehicles, and improvements on the platform as a whole. With a new iOS (iOS 10) version coming this year, I hope more improvements will come to CarPlay from Apple’s regular iOS updates and I hope we finally get our hands on the most wanted Wireless CarPlay feature.

Here’s to another year to CarPlay Life!

  • Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Here’s to many more as Apple CarPlay becomes increasing available.

    What is your wish list for Apple CarPlay before your 2 year anniversary?

    • CarPlay Life

      Thank you very much Carolyn 🙂

      My wish list…hmm… in no particular order…

      1. Higher resolution adopted across all receivers.
      2. Faster chipsets to send and receive data to and from the connected device.
      3. Improved capacitive displays, as close to iPad performance as they can get.
      4. Improved user interface. Apple are good at this, yet they have lacked the innovation they have built over the years.
      5. More apps that aren’t just audio focused, yet can still be safe to use.

      That’s a good start, if any of those could be met within the next year. Unlikely but there is always hope. 🙂

      Anyone else? What are your top wishes?