Ford Offers Waze For Apple CarPlay Enabled Sync 3 Systems

Published On January 11, 2018 | News

If you’re a Waze user with an Apple CarPlay system, you will be one of many waiting very patiently for the popular crowd-sourced navigation app to appear on Apple’s in-car platform, Apple CarPlay. However if you’re a Ford owner with a Sync 3 system, we have some good news for you!

Without any sign of the Waze app appearing on Apple CarPlay, Ford has taken a small step forward for its Sync 3 CarPlay-enabled vehicles, with independent support for the Waze iOS app on its Sync 3 platform.

So how will this will work?

It’s pretty simple. As a Sync 3 owner, you simply plug in your iPhone into the vehicle’s USB port, as you would do when connecting to Apple CarPlay, the Waze iOS app will then appear on the Sync 3 touchscreen display as an additional app. Simply tap the Waze app on your Sync 3 menu to launch Waze on your touchscreen display.

This isn’t a perfect solution for CarPlay fans, but if you’re a Ford Sync 3 system owner, who can’t live without Waze, then this is a decent solution that should work alongside any audio being streamed from Apple CarPlay.

It isn’t clear when this will become available, so to get Waze Sync 3 support, be sure to keep your Waze iOS app updated and keep an eye on any new Sync 3 updates for your Ford vehicle.