CarPlay Shown in Audi Q7 2016 Models


Previously shown at this year’s CES, Audi’s adoption of CarPlay is now being shown inside 2016 models of their Q7 vehicles.

Connection between the vehicle and your iPhone will be done with Audi’s HMI (Human Machine Interface) via USB, which will connect the Apple device, whilst the MMI Knob will deal with interactions and navigation around the CarPlay interface.

“Both [CarPlay & Google Auto] are tailored for use in the car. The heart of this feature is online music. In addition, both platforms offer navigation functions, missed call/appointment reminders and messaging functions. Over time, these will be joined by numerous third-party applications such as Pandora, Spotify and WhatsApp.” Claims Audi in a recent blog post.

The steering wheel will also include a Siri button (as well as Google Now – yes Google Auto is also supported), whilst an input wheel will also allow you to navigate through the CarPlay system menus.

Hopefully it will only be a matter of time before we see additional Audi models adopt Apple CarPlay.

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