Apple WWDC 2018 CarPlay Predictions

Published On June 3, 2018 | Feature, News

WWDC 2018 finally arrives this coming week, with Apple’s keynote kicking off tomorrow, Monday 4 June at 10am PST.

Every year I mark this annual event as THE perfect time for Apple to announce new major changes for its CarPlay platform. If rumours are true, CarPlay fans have a few new updates to look forward to, but will Apple actually deliver this time? Let’s have a look into our Apple CarPlay crystal ball…

iOS 12

It’s very likely that we will hear about Apple’s next iOS software update – iOS 12. This free update will likely release towards the end of this year, and will see developers have early access to the beta from the get go, with public access a few months later.

Little is known about iOS 12, however there have been numerous credible rumours that Apple will not be giving many new features in this next major iteration of their iPhone software. Apple is said to be focusing on stability and minor features in iOS 12, but that doesn’t mean it could be rolling out any held back features in future revisions of the software prior to its release in September/October, or even after its release.

Major CarPlay UI Overhaul

With that said, it was also rumoured a few months ago that iOS 12 is going to feature a major user interface overhaul of Apple CarPlay. This is something that a lot of owners are crying out for, myself included, and it could even usher the introduction of third-party navigation apps, such as Waze and Google Maps. Third-party navigation apps are very unlikely to be announced tomorrow, but if there is any chance of it happening, it is tomorrow.

Nothing at all…

Alas, like previous years, we might just get a fat dose of nothing tomorrow. Bloomberg has said that there will be no hardware announcements tomorrow. So Apple will have to fill its one hour, thirty minute keynote with just a ton of new software features and demos of its iOS, MacOS and WatchOS updates. Let’s hope Apple CarPlay will feature amongst them.

We will have all the Apple CarPlay news a soon as it breaks after tomorrow’s Apple WWDC keynote.