Alpine’s iLX-107 & Apple Wirelesss CarPlay Faces More Delays

Published On May 1, 2017 | News

Alpine announced the first, and currently only, aftermarket wireless CarPlay receiver at this year’s CES 2017 tech show, however it has faced many delays over the past few months.

Alpine’s iLX-107 was meant to launch in February, a claim that excited many who were patiently waiting for a wireless CarPlay solution in their car. But sadly February came and went, along with very little news on its release.

Rumours soon came that Apple was getting involved with the receiver’s development. Apple were also involved with the development of Alpine’s pevious model, the  iLX-007/700, so with a feature as important as wireless CarPlay, everything has to work just right, and it’s this Apple-like approach that has forced many more delays for Alpine’s latest receiver.

April was the next date given to wanting pre-order customers, however that date has now passed and June is now earmarked as the next potential release date.

Wireless CarPlay has proven to be a troublesome feature for Apple and Alpine. Wireless CarPlay was first rumoured to be compatible in the iLX-007/700 models; with compatible wireless/Bluetooth chips said to be embedded in the receiver, waiting for a firmware update to bring such as feature to life.

The future proofing inside the iLX-007/700 was soon shot down however, when newer units were found to not have such a radio chip inside. It seems the chip wasn’t to be Apline’s solution for wireless CarPlay, with confusing monthly rumours of the wireless protocol switching between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and even both, like a game of technology tennis. It seems not even Apple knew which protocol to adopt, who were uncertain which was the most stable and hassle free.

With June just around the corner, the date also coincides with Apple’s annual worldwide developer conference (WWDC), and more importantly, their annual keynote event that kicks starts the conference.

WWDC is Apple’s own event where new technology is announced. Although wireless CarPlay is no longer new for Apple – it has been mentioned for a number of years now from Apple and certain third-party manufacturers – 2017 may be Apple’s year for wireless, especially with wireless charging also being rumoured in the iPhone 7s/8.

Our eyes are on both Apple and Alpine over the next few months. Let’s hope there are no more delays from Alpine once we find out more at WWDC in June.

  • brbroberts

    And now we’re in June, still no ILX 107. The ILX 007 was pretty much an abject failure (if you believe the reviews), is this going to be another stillborn product?

    • Scott Everett

      i talked to alpine last week and they are saying the end of june. i got fed up with waiting and bought the pioneer 4200nex. I’m happy with my decision, not to big of a hassle to plug in every time. im also assuming that it will be delayed again as its been delayed almost half a year already!

      • Paclypse71

        Plugging in every time is a HUGE hassle and a complete deal breaker. I’ll keep waiting for wireless.

  • qb

    I don’t own any kind of smartphone and don’t want one. I use an iPad Mini with cell service in my car for music and when I need email or maps. I’ve long wished CarPlay would work with iPads. With the Alpine having “wireless” connectivity I would like to know if it would allow me to use CarPlay with the iPad Mini via Bluetooth (or whatever wireless tech this uses). Can anyone provide a answer once they have a unit in hand? Thanks!