Alpine Announces First Aftermarket Wireless CarPlay Headunit

Published On January 5, 2017 | News

As I expected, the first Wireless CarPlay headunit has been unveiled at this year’s CES event in the USA.

The iLX-107 from Alpine will be the first aftermarket headunit from Alpine that will feature Apple’s Wireless CarPlay.

The receiver’s features and aesthetic mirrors Alpine’s first CarPlay receiver, the iLX-700/iLX-007, which carries over the 7″ capacitive touch screen display, dedicated physical Siri and Home buttons and AM/FM radio. Sadly, the WVGA display remains here, and it hasn’t been updated to a higher resolution this in around. Maybe next time eh, Alpine?

Releasing in February, the iLX-107 retail price has been set at $900, which adds a premium on top of what is basically a two year old receiver with Wireless CarPlay added – a feature rumoured to have been included (hidden) in its older brother.

Either way, if you’re still been waiting for Wireless CarPlay, is here people! Finally!

[Source: Alpine]

  • Fred Davenport

    This looks to be a very good product, but the photo clearing shows that Apple CarPlay needs to add:

    • Outside temperature
    • battery level of iPhone
    • a screen background image
    • More Apps
    • Waze App
    • Delete Apple Maps, it is awful

    • Carl

      I travel A LOT, that is why I have two cars with CarPlay.
      Completely agreed with your requests for more apps, but completely disagreed with the last two requests in your list, and specially the last one. In many situations, and I mean many, Apple maps has proven to be better than Google maps in correct descriptions, better choosing the most optimal route, and smart last-minute changes depending on conditions. Waze’s terrible UI needs an urgent improvement.
      The outside temperature has to be implemented by Alpine, Pioneer, etc, and not CarPlay. The battery level is necessary only in the wireless models, since the ones plugged all the time are always charging, and I never have to worry about that.
      Please stop trolling this beautiful site with your negativity, or the administrators will block you.

      • Fred Davenport

        Thx Carl, Yup we agree to disagree.I love Apple and been using Apple product since 1980 (ish) and will continue using Apple Waze is a thousand times better than Apple Maps. Just yesterday, has Waze on the phone and Apple Maps on CarPlay, not even close, in my opinion.

        I like CarPlay and also look forward to it getting better. Thx for the info.

  • MiniEggs1999

    Hopefully you will get a test unit soon

    • CarPlay Life

      I’ve reached out to Alpine, so hopefully near or after release in Feb we will have our impressions.