Album Art in Center Info Display via Apple CarPlay

Published On April 10, 2017 | News

One problem with installing an aftermarket Apple CarPlay receiver is that your center information display (usually between your rev and speedo) is made redundant, or certain functionality is reduced or removed.

Community Twitter member @zmacnd got in touch to show that certain vehicles with factory fitted CarPlay stereos installed are beginning to display CarPlay content in the center display, whilst music is being played.

This feature can be seen in GM models (this specific demo is in an 2016 Impala.

It’s great to see such functionality being created in new models with Apple CarPlay, but those of us who have an aftermarket receiver installed, we still have dead space in the center of our car information display.

[Thanks: @zmacnd]

  • MiniEggs1999

    I wonder who will be the first to show turn by turn directions in the centre cluster as promoted by apple at WWDC last year

  • Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way in VAG vehicles. In my European VW Passat B8 MY2017 when CarPlay is connected in the music section of the dash only “CarPlay” is shown. No track info or cover art.

    • Domingo Espejo

      Hello. In my Audi A4 2017 i can see the song or podcast title in center display but i can’t see the album art. its a very simplified information.