2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Will Feature Wireless Apple CarPlay

Published On April 28, 2018 | News

Anyone seeking a new vehicle with wireless Apple CarPlay support will now have two options to choose from in 2018, thanks to Mercedes-Benz.

Joining BMW’s 5 Series – which also features wireless Apple CarPlay – will be the 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The fourth-generation A-Class, revealed in February 2018, will debut its MBUX infotainment unit, which features artificial intelligence to create an intuitive in-car experience along with a simple voice-recognition system.

The MBUX unit looks a little like two iPads poised side-by-side behind the steering wheel, wrapping all the way along the dashboard, above the centre console. The system not only looks like it will bring some great looking display visuals, but it will also pack the much desired smartphone wireless-mirroring technology also.

“In our entry level-system you will be able to do wireless CarPlay,” said Georges Messing, Director of User Interaction at Daimler. “Our medium and high-end cars will also have wireless phone charging as a feature.”

So with BMW and now Mercedes waving the wireless CarPlay flag for potential car buyers out there, our eyes glance over at all the other automakers, such as VW, to join the party.

The MBUX system would usually be featured on a flagship Mercedes, such as the E-Class or S-Class, however the German company are keen to appeal to the younger ‘tech-savvy’ demographic, which sits amongst the A-Class owner.

“The main drivers for implementing MBUX first in the A-Class is about appealing to the younger demographic,” Messing added.

If you’re an Apple owner wanting an Mercedes-Benz A-Class with wireless Apple CarPlay support, then hold tight until the new 2018 A-Class rolls out of the factory in the third quarter of 2018.