The Official Word On Waze App Coming to Apple CarPlay

Published On December 11, 2015 | News

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The official word from Waze, in regards a user asking if their app was coming to Apple CarPlay, is currently: ‘No plans as of now’. 


This is of course sad news for Apple Maps haters and users of the Waze navigation app.

Being owned by Google, it is of no surprise that the app is coming to Android Auto first, however does this mean Google/Waze isn’t even trying to submit their navigation app to Apple with CarPlay support? It doesn’t sound like it, going by their social response to the question above, does it?

Read my thoughts on why we’re not seeing Waze and any other navigation apps on Apple’s CarPlay platform in my Will Google Maps Come to Apple CarPlay article.


  • bernaction


  • Mr.G mrg

    A just got a car with carplay and andorid auto and first time I am seriously thinking about getting rid of iphone and switching to android. Apple map is just terrible especially on carplay. It is frustrating and ugly.

    • Gustavo Saliola

      Even being a loyal, long time Apple user (mostly for my work) i’m 100% agree with you.

  • Václav Medek

    No support for 3rd party navi is killing good idea of carplay. Apple came first to this bussines, but lost the battle due to weird politics.

  • Rick Flashman

    Apple Maps is currently a failure because it does not remap for traffic. I know 9.3 claims it does. But just this past weekend we did a test Orlando -> Tampa. Waze on Phone and Apple Maps on CarPlay. Waze identified traffic increasing mid-route and gave us a route 30 minutes quicker! Apple Maps just wanted to keep plowing into traffic. Apple Maps will only remap if you constantly keep ending the trip and recalculating it manually.

    So either allow third party apps like Waze, or get real-time remapping working properly in Apple Maps with iOS 10!

    • jrcc77

      I’d be ecstatic if Maps would actually direct me to my destination. I’ve never owned anything but Apple, but Maps was and is an abomination.

  • Stephen Howard

    No nav app is more important in a car than Waze. Apple, make the deal with Google. Get Waze on Carplay.


    I normally have my phone in a cradle on my windscreen. Is it possible to play an app on the stereo whilst viewing Waze on my phone, or does CarPlay ‘lock’ my phone screen so nothing can be viewed on it?

  • Caje

    Has anyone got Waze and other music modes like XM to coexist? I find that Waze constantly wants to switch away from the radio or XM and play it’s sounds thru the sound system such that I have to play a music app if I want to hear anything while Waze is in use.

  • Cunning_Linguist

    I’ve been a loyal Apple customer since the iPhone 3, and I’m literally days away from ditching Apple in favor of Android, and the ONLY reason is Waze does not work on CarPlay. I waiting patiently until iOS 10.0.1 came out, and I see absolutely zero changes with CarPlay.

  • Syed

    I love apple and its products, the iphone is amazing. The worst thing that apple has ever produced that has wasted tons of my time given me headache anger and wanting to kill my phone, the APPLE MAPS!!!! and yes I used them recently a week ago today is 01/20/2017 and no hope, I was like ah ill give it a go its not that bad, my mistake truly. Used 3d touch from an address on message opened maps led me to nowhere other side of town, fustrated I see it was taking me to the wrong address, fixed the address saw it was correct this time apple finally had it right. Thought again and I was like na I am not doing this, google maps help me… save me..

  • Alphaman64

    Apple Maps works great for me, especially through CarPlay through Sync 3 in my Fusion. It proactively monitors traffic along my route and re-routes me when it finds a faster option; I can easily find previous searches, favorites, and common services along my route on my dash. The whole iOS 10 update brought great things and completely transforms Maps and the whole in-dash experience. I’ve quit using Waze now and use Apple Maps exclusively — I am so done giving my life to GoOgle.

  • Kumakun

    Right! Carplay is excellent for iPhone media and telephone, but Apple Maps is miserable and a disgrace. It looks amateurish and in my area unreliable: often the roads are replaced by what looks like graph paper. My car’s (Mercedes) standard navigation is far superior, and if you need to play CD you can’t use Carplay. I planning to add HUD and use CarPlay only for media

  • Brooks Thompson
  • Diogo Bernardes

    ridiculous this. it should automatically work with carplay. i need waze on my carplay