CarPlay Installs: Pioneer SPH-DA120 in a Mercedes C-Class Coupe

Published On May 3, 2015 | Installs

Today’s install is a Pioneer SPH-DA120 with CarPlay in a Mercedes C-Class Coupe.


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[Source: Sextons-London @SextonsLondon ]

  • George

    I am looking to get this unit installed exactly the same in my CLC. Could you please advise of what extra parts I would need to have it like this, facia adapter? Steering wheel connections?

    Much appreciated – George

    • Hi George, I don’t know about what extras you’ll need. Your best bet (if you are doing the install yourself) is to ask a local dealer and get them to breakdown the quote with the parts of the install. They should then list the ones you need. Hope that helps find what you need. Good luck with the install. Send a pic out to us once you’ve finished.

      • George

        Thanks for the reply! Halfords are supposed to be doing it but they tell me they are unsure of what parts are needed but I have an inspection booked for tomorrow to see if it can be done by them.