CarPlay Installs: Pioneer SPH-DA120 in a Alfa Romeo Mito

Published On January 31, 2017 | Installs

Today’s install is a Pioneer SPH-DA120 with Apple CarPlay in a Alfa Romeo Mito.

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[Source: @gabrygabry92]


  • Wayne Pruski

    I HATE the SPH-DA120. There is “nails on chalkboard” annoying “Caution” message that comes up every time you start the car. The message slows down bootup by 15-20 seconds, distracts the driver from the road to “turn it off”, and even locks the system up 3 out of 7 times where the entire car has to be restarted or the phone re-plugged into the unit. I have written Pioneer several times, asking them to get rid of this abomination, but you can see how well they’ve responded: the last firmware update on their site is December 2015, over a year ago, which tells me they don’t give a f*ck about their products. DO NOT BUY A PIONEER. Other units do not have this testicles in a vice feature (to protect themselves, not to make a better product). I will leave this review wherever Pioneer is sold to warn others unless A.) they come up with a firmware fix asap to get rid of it or B.) reimburse me for the unit I’m tearing out of the car for this reason.

    • Karel Zikmund

      Last firmware: 02-02-2017 – v1.14

  • Paddy

    I’m wanting to install this exact model into my MiTo what conversion kit is required?