CarPlay Installs: Factory Fitted in a Mercedes A-Class

Published On January 25, 2017 | Installs

Today’s install is a factory fitted CarPlay system in a Mercedes A Class.

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[Thanks: @Drivethebest]

  • MiniEggs1999

    Car you play audio (music/podcast/book etc) from carplay AND use Mercedes maps in place of apple ones ? I know on other Merc installs you can’t but many other factory installs let you.

  • Hfaddy

    Hello, I just bought a mercedes cla 2016-2017 but it does not have the option carplay. Can we add this option in another way? Because at Mercedes they told me it was not possible

    • CarPlay Life

      That’s unfortunate. I would have thought a 2016-17 model would have CarPlay. Maybe you either just missed out or maybe the stereo you have factory fitted wasn’t the class/line of stereo that comes with CarPlay. A local dealer would know and it sounds like they are saying no. Have you asked if it can be software upgraded?

      • Hfaddy

        I bought a stock vehicle with a lot of options, but not the option carplay.Mercedes bills $ 400 to have the option. I asked if this was possible via an update, the seller told me no. It’s still bizarre