CarPlay Installs: Alpine iLX-700 in a 2008 Mercedes SLK

Published On May 26, 2016 | Installs

Today’s install is a Alpine iLX-700 with Apple CarPlay in a 2008 Mercedes SLK.

Mercedes SLK 2008 CarPlay

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[Source: @NeoCroma]

  • Davide

    Bluetooth was enabled in this radio?

    • CarPlay Life

      Hi, the iLX-700 doesn’t have bluetooth, so no 🙁

      • Davide

        thanks for reply. I’m reading on web ILX700 have BT chip included but it’s not actived.

        • CarPlay Life

          Sadly that was the assumption, but in later manufactured models, this chip was removed. I don’t think it is present in the current ‘E’ model.

          I think within the time frame that this model has been available owners (including myself) should have had a firmware update to unlocked bluetooth by now, if it was present. Seeing as this hasn’t happened, I can’t see this ever happening now. It is most likely we will see a whole new model released with bluetooth and maybe wireless CarPlay support, but when this will be is anyone’s guess. 🙁

          • Davide

            thanks for reply. finally, i’m choosing pioneer spda120.

          • Good stereo, with lots of features, it is also long over due a refresh. But there’s no news one such an update to this stereo.