CarPlay Installs: Alpine iLX-107 in a 2015 Nissan Sentra SR

Published On August 3, 2017 | Installs

Last week we asked if anyone had installed Alpine’s wireless CarPlay iLX-107 receiver yet, and a member of the community reached out to us and shared their install.

Today’s install is a Alpine iLX-107 with Apple CarPlay in a 2015 Nissan Sentra SR

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[Thanks: @nukebomb25]

  • AndyFromTheBrac

    looks good and it’s a great option to have, but am I the only one who doesn’t get what all the fuss is about with wireless carplay? I think it’s very convenient for short trips, but you need to charge your phone so you plug it in, err… Also how does it detect that you *want* to use carplay just because you’re in the car (e.g. if both of you use the same car, which phone gets carplay’d first, driver or passengers ?)…

    • Charly McQuibban

      I agree with you, Andy. I never understood the whole deal about the wireless desire. One of the reasons I got the iLX-007 is to use my iPhone in a safe way while it charges. And now that Maps is actually worth using I don’t mess with my iPhone at all while I drive.

      • Brendan Gunn

        Just wait until the iPhone 8 launches next month with wireless charging. Then it will all make sense!
        Personally, I love the idea of CarPlay working with the phone in my pocket for short journeys, and then just throwing it onto a charge mat in the glovebox for longer trips.

    • Paul Duncan

      If two people get in the vehicle that have previously wireless-ly connected to the head unit, the phone that connected to carplay last is connected but you can switch from on phone to the other with the push of a button on the home screen. In addition, you can plug it in whenever if you like, then the phone that is plugged in takes priority. Once you learn how it works and use it, its very convenient.

      On it knowing if you “want” to use car play or not. The carplay automatically connects, but if you were listening to the radio or aux input last, that is the input that the unit goes to when you start it up. The carplay is still connected and active, but it’s in the background unless you get a call or text, then it will show a notification.

      I don’t think the wireless was really meant for long term, but you could use that exclusivity and plug into a charger connected to a power outlet if you want. But, the wireless car play battery usage is extremely low. I have had my unit for a month now and recently made a 4 hour made trip to Nashville Tn and used 5% battery with streaming music, maps and messages going to whole way.