How to: Use Apple AirPods with Apple CarPlay

Published On August 16, 2017 | How To

Using Apple AirPods with CarPlay is as simple as connecting your Apple AirPods to your iPhone whilst the iPhone is connected to an Apple CarPlay system.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your CarPlay display
  2. Play your audio music/podcast/stream
  3. Remove either one or two Apple AirPods and connect them to your ear
  4. You’re done! You should now hear audio coming into your AirPods whilst also being able to control playback on the CarPlay display.

This works really well if you do not wish to share your audio with the rest of your passengers. You can also interact with the CarPlay display whilst connected to your AirPods.

Check out this handy demo from Martin Keen about using AirPods with Apple CarPlay.

Is this legal in your state/country?

It is worth pointing out that some countries do not allow drivers to wear headphones whilst driving, so we recommend that you look into the legality of using headphones whilst driving in your state/country before you decide to do this – because wearing the shiny white Apple AirPods isn’t exactly discreet!

[Thanks: Martin Keen on YouTube]