How to: Install CarPlay Apps

Published On November 1, 2015 | How To

CarPlay Dash

So you have a shiny new iPhone, and you have a compatible CarPlay in-car stereo or aftermarket headunit, then you are ready to install some CarPlay Apps!

Luckily, Apple have made it simple. If you already have an iOS device (iPhone 5 or above) with iOS firmware installed (iOS 7.1 or later), then you are already good to go.

All you need to do is simply plug in your iPhone to your vehicle via a lightning cable or dock and then navigate to Apple CarPlay using your in-car stereo menus.


Apps for Apple CarPlay are installed on your phone, not in your vehicle’s stereo. So you already have some CarPlay apps installed, at least Apple’s own (Phone, Messages, Maps, Music, Poscasts and Audiobooks), and with a quick search on the Apple App Store for ‘CarPlay’ you’ll find, and be able to download, some more CarPlay compatible apps from there too.

We try to cover all CarPlay compatible App releases here at CarPlay Life, so check out our Apps overview page for all the CarPlay Apps you can download onto your iOS device.

  • kari

    How do I download more apps in my pioneer radio? I have them downloaded in my iphone but they don’t show up in my radio.

  • La China

    Well I got a Nissan rouge 2016 and I found CarPlay in my iPhone settings but when I press App on my car radio keep saying loading then says the instructions again to connect the car play ugh so estrés full for me I’m mom of 5 and this will make my life so easier so if someone can help me please

  • Pardner

    I just got an Alpine CarPlay system and there is one thing about CarPlay that I really don’t like. I like to run Waze on my phone and listen to iPhone music at the same time, and Iike to see the music displayed on the stereo screen. But with CarPlay when I switch to Apple Music or Pandora it switches on my phone, too. Is there a way to set the system up so my phone doesn’t follow the CarPlay display and vice-versa?

    • Fred Davenport

      Pardner, I have no answers, but it is very sad that CarPlay is not available on CarPlay

    • Ricardo Garrastegui

      Don’t use car play just use the Bluetooth you’ll be able to do both

  • Rui Daniel Amorim

    which CarPlay units do you recommend to install on a Merc ML 2007 (W164) and on a Merc C 2008 (W204 with big comand screen) in a way I keep the controls on the wheeel working? Thanks!