How to: Reorder And Hide CarPlay App Icons in iOS 10

Published On June 16, 2016 | Feature, How To

CarPlay - IOS10 - Default Homescreen

Apple released its first beta of their iOS 10 update on Monday 13th June, which contains a much requested feature from CarPlay owners – to reorder and hide your apps on your CarPlay homescreen.

Having recently decided to install the first iteration of iOS 10 (which can never be a good idea), here I am with my How to guide, and later, my impressions of this new feature in iOS 10…

Due to the variety of CarPlay display and touch technology on the market today, Apple has chosen to manage the order and visibility of our CarPlay apps directly on our devices, via the Settings area. So let’s head over there…

1. Enter the Settings App


2. Enter General > CarPlay Settings

2. Settings General

3. Select Your CarPlay Device

It is worth mentioning that the area to order and remove apps will not come alive until you have a CarPlay device connected and available to select in your General > CarPlay settings. Once you do have a device available, you will see the following option.

CarPlay - IOS10 - General


4. Enter Your Selected Device to edit your CarPlay home screen layout

Viewing each home screen is done by simply swiping between them in the panel at the top.

CarPlay - IOS10 - Default CarPlay - IOS10 - Default Page 2


5. To hide an app

Removable apps will display with a minus icon on the top left corner of each app. As you can see from the image below, Apple requires you to keep Phone, Messages, and Now Playing, along with your vehicle’s manufacture App (in my case the Alpine app), on your home screen. If you wish to remove the Music, Maps and Podcast apps, you will need to remove these from your iPhone screen instead.

Select a removable app (marked with a minus icon) and drag it into the empty white area below, as seen below. You can tap them also to remove them. To add it back again, simply tap the icon again in the white ‘draw’ and it will snap back into an available space on screen.

CarPlay - IOS10 - Hide

6. Reordering Apps

Reordering apps on your CarPlay home screen is done in the same way you order them on your iPhone screen. Simply tap and drag the app icon around the window and into the position you desire. Tapping and holding the app icon on the edges will also allow you to place apps on additional sub-screens.

CarPlay - Reordered

7. Live Updates

Hiding and reordering apps can be done, and the effect seen instantly, whilst your device is connected to your CarPlay system. Any hidden apps disappear instantly from your CarPlay screen, and reorganised apps immediately change their position once you’ve dragged them around on your connected iPhone screen.

Once you are happy, simply close the Settings app and continue using CarPlay with your new layout and hidden applications present on your CarPlay display.

CarPlay - IOS10 - Ordered Homescreen


Overview & Impressions

This feature that has been long overdue, but it is now finally here, and best of all, it just works!

I don’t use Apple Music, yet I do listen to Beats 1 now and again, so I would have preferred be to able hide the Music app from the CarPlay settings page, instead of actually removing the app from the iPhone screen (which will remove it from the CarPlay screen). If you do still want to have Apple Music present on your iPhone, you can at least kick the Music app into the second screen.

If this is how Apple decides to customise our CarPlay homescreens, I can see future customisation options becoming possible; such as background artwork, icon scaling, amount of apps displayed per screen and many more possibilities that we can dream of.

iOS 10 is available to developers now, and will be available as a public beta in July. The final release version will launch to everyone this fall, most likely alongside the release of the new iPhone 7.

  • sshadowssin

    How stable would you describe beta 1 in CarPlay?

  • Bryan Callison

    Beta 1 and 2 are stable enough to use. Beta 1 had some issues launching Spotify and iHeartRadio, but those seem to be fixed in beta 2 so far. What’s really nice in beta 2 is you can now move the Alpine iLZ-007 icon to the second page of icons (still can’t remove it though).

    • Arthur Sharpe

      I can not use I heart radio in CarPlay and iOS 10. Beta 3 still won’t work – says can’t connect error.

      • Bryan Callison

        Yeah, beta 3 is being more pesky launching Spotify and iHeartRadio. The phone needs to be unlocked for them to launch and start playing music, the screen may show errors but it’ll play the music.

  • Arnaud Campion

    Hi guys, my iphone 7 plus is not recognized by ilx-700 (european version)=. Anyone having same pb ù, not sure if it is iOs 10 or iPhone 7 or both making issue.

    • CarPlay Life

      Can’t say I’ve heard this happen. If you are still getting the issue, have you tried doing a reboot of your iPhone?

  • Terry Proctor

    How do you add an app like weather to the CarPlay home screen?

    • CarPlay Life

      Hi Terry, unfortunately at the moment, there are no weather apps available for Apple’s CarPlay platform. Hopefully they let one through in the future. Until then I think if you ask Siri it might work, but to get anything on the display isn’t possible, currently. Hope that helps.

  • Fred Davenport

    The more I use CarPlay, the more I am very, very disappointed:

    No Weather
    No Waze
    No Google Maps
    No Outside Temperature shown next to the Time of Day like every car has 🙁
    No Photos, Flickr or any other photos apps
    No Screen Saver, like my 2011 car a traded in has
    No ESPN Sports Radio
    No NPR, CBS, and may other news Radio stations
    No Contacts
    If I can view my texts, why can’t I view my emails?
    If I can view my texts, why not Instagram, Twitter, FB and others
    How bout a web browser?

    Most all these I can view on my iPhone in the car, but not in CarPlay

    Was CarPlay made in 2007 or 2016?


    • Chris McGhee

      Um, not sure that viewing photos on the dash of your car is a good idea so I think Apple is being very careful when considering what apps to allow to CarPlay. Agreed that it would be nice to see Waze or Google Maps but the point of the platform is to connect your iPhone to help you focus on driving. Apple doesn’t want to encourage you to read your emails while driving.

      • Fred Davenport

        Thx Chris,
        Had a very neat screen saver in my 2011!! Ford Explorer that I could only change and edit when the car was not moving. Not sure why in 2017 this feature is not available :–(

        Also I find I am using my iPhone much, more the CarPlay

        • CarPlay only shows 10-15 recent phone calls, my iPhone shows them all 100+
        • CarPlay does not show the list of all the songs in my Apple Music playlist: iPhone does
        • CarPlay does NOT show the complete name of a podcast; iPhone does
        • Waze, Waze, Waze….Apple Maps is not good