Apple CarPlay Predictions For 2017

Published On January 2, 2017 | Feature

Over the years, Apple’s in-car platform – CarPlay – has been slowly releasing onto existing vehicles (via software upgrades) and in new models rolling out of the production factories from various CarPlay manufactures. Those of us who can’t afford or wait for new models have taken the plunge in purchasing and installing aftermarket CarPlay enabled headunits from the likes of Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, JBL, JVC and more recently from Sony.

The uptake has been slow and steady. Almost hobby-like in terms of the attention that Apple has given it. However it is in 2017 that CarPlay will really increase the pace for Apple’s in-car platform. With over 200 CarPlay compatible car models releasing this year, I am sure we will see increased support from Apple and further demand from the public for Apple CarPlay in the months to come.

Let’s be honest, if you are already a Apple CarPlay user, you will most likely be joining me in the cry out for improved features, bug fixes and extra variety in apps from Apple and its in-car platform. More general public will start to see and use CarPlay in 2017 than any year previous. With CarPlay enabled in most car manufactures in 2017, new hire fleets, Ubers and taxis will soon become CarPlay enabled over 2017/18, and if you’re not buying a new CarPlay enabled vehicle in 2017 yourself, you’ll most likely be sharing or hiring one over the next two years.

So with awareness and popularity increasing over the next twelve months, what else can we expect in 2017?

January – CES 2017 Announcements

Next week will be CES 2017. The Consumer Electronic Show in the USA is the flagship venue for all electronic devices. From the latest smart TVs and mobiles, to washing machines and hoovers; all of this year’s upcoming tech will be revealed at next week’s event. This includes manufactures of headunits too. We’ve seen CarPlay announcements from Pioneer, Alpine and Kenwood at CES over the years, and I believe we will hear some new things from each of these companies again next week, and maybe some new ones. So if you’re on the verge of buying an Apple CarPlay headunit for your existing car, I would wait at least until all the news from CES is over.

January – North American International Auto Show

Like CES, in January we also have the NAIAS 2017 show. CES was slightly controversial last year for VW and Apple, in regards to announcements of the first vehicle to feature Wireless CarPlay. However that didn’t stop one tech company from demoing wireless CarPlay on the side. Being an Auto focused event, we might see some companies hold any announcements from CES and release them here, at a venue that has the attention of the auto industry, auto press and enthusiasts. So keep an eye out throughout this month for any major CarPlay announcements.

June – WWDC

Apple’s developer conference has sometimes revealed some major CarPlay features in their next iOS release. The addition of Siri access for developers in iOS 10 has lead to CarPlay support in apps like Skype and Facebook Messenger. This year may open the gates wider and possibly (hopefully) open the ability for any developer to create CarPlay enabled apps and avoid the exclusive, and rather illusive, invite request needed from Apple to develop apps for their CarPlay platform.

June/July – iOS 11 Preview

Apple is due to preview the next update of its mobile platform at this year’s annual WWDC event. With all the new CarPlay enabled vehicles releasing this year, I would hope we’ll see some new features coming to Apple CarPlay. The CarPlay wish list is long here, and I hope some of our wishes will be ticked off and featured in the upcoming iOS 11.

August/September – iPhone 8 & iOS 11 Releases

Alongside iOS 11, we will also have a new iPhone to play with, or save up for. There are already a number of interesting rumours floating around, and suggestions that Apple’s mobile device will be given the title of iPhone 8 and not iPhone 7S.

Because 2017 is the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone, it is being said that Apple will bring new features to its popular mobile device. Wireless charging may bring an increase in Wireless CarPlay support from manufactures of vehicles and headunits. A toughened glass exterior will also remove the knee-jerk action to cover its gorgeous design in a plastic case. The device’s Home button is also rumoured to be removed, with Touch ID detection being available across the whole screen, which will make unlocking the device whilst docked in your vehicle much easier.

Over the next few months, I am sure more leaks from the online press will rise to the surface. So stay tuned, stay excited, and let us know your wishes for CarPlay in 2017 in the comments below.