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Published On March 1, 2018 | Apps


Price: Free
May 18, 2016

Rheo is your personal video DJ, playing you the best short videos available anywhere.

From comedy, to music, to news, Rheo organizes videos by your mood: Laugh, Learn, Chill, Taste, Move, Inform, Spark, etc.

Just hit play, and let Rheo take you on a journey. You’ll be the first to discover what’s hot, trending, or culturally relevant. Rheo is the video track to your life.

Available on your Apple TV, iPhone and Web, Rheo helps you discover unlimited content from a line-up of sources never before tapped in one place, and not available on Netflix or Hulu — curated and personalized to you.

Here are just a few:

Brit & Co.
Super Deluxe
Great Big Story
Jimmy Kimmel
Bill Maher
Jimmy Fallon
Graham Norton
Vice News
ABC News
TED Talks
The Economist
Red Bull Media

Sit back and enjoy what you love. Bite-sized video viewing like never before. Rheo is an alternative to YouTube, Sling TV, and Pluto TV among others.

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Latest Version: 1.2
Two big things we’re excited about in this release:

1) iPad support! So many of you have been asking us for a native iPad version of the app. Here it is! It works great with many of the iPad features, taking advantage of the beautiful, large iPad screen, and features like Split Screen. More to come…

2) Background Audio: Have you ever wanted to catch up on great video while you’re doing something that keeps you from watching? With Background Audio in Rheo, you can put the app away and continue to listen, using headphones and even through CarPlay. Use the iOS system controls or your Apple Watch to take control.

We have more great stuff coming, so stay tuned!

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