CarPlay App: Radio Deejay

Published On August 12, 2015 | Apps

Radio Deejay


The official app of Radio Deejay – listen to live programs and on-demand. You can participate in the direct sending of photos and messages – including voice – directly from the iPhone and iPad, and share it with your friends, everything you’re hearing and reading. While listening to DJ, the app always tells you the song that is on the air and if you want you can “tap” to read the lyrics while listening.

If you missed a program, no problem: you can listen when and where you want with thousands of episodes and podcasts on-demand radio programs: Deejay called Italy, Hello beautiful, The Flight of the morning, the Trio Medusa. And you can also choose your favourite podcasts, select ‘after listening’ and create you your own playlist!

With push notifications you remain up to date on current trends and podcasts. Now Apple Watch support and our app comes by car, it is now compatible with CarPlay.

In the section what’s hot deejay speak the language of the web: viral, social news, quizzes and all the latest trends of our Viral Deejay. And if you have time click on ‘read later’ and you create your own list of things to read and watch!

Update 3.0 offers CarPlay Support

Download – Radio Deejay

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