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Published On August 24, 2015 | Apps



With Deezer you can listen to as much music as you want for FREE.

Just search for the artists, albums and tracks you love and listen without limits.

Create your own playlists using our recommendations and 100% customised mixes!

It’s all free thanks to advertising. If you don’t want ads, switch to Premium+.

In free mode on your phone:
– Listen to mixes inspired by a track, artist, playlist or album.
***Want more freedom? Try Premium+ for 15 days, free!***

In free mode on your tablet:
– Listen to the tracks you want at any time, with ads.

In Premium+ mode, you get all the music you want, anytime, anywhere:
– All the tracks you want
– No ads, no interruptions
– Download your music to listen even without a connection
– Enjoy high quality sound

Update 5.9.0 offers CarPlay Support (Premium members only)

Download – Deezer Music

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  • Francois Hirigoyen

    It just does not work. You constantly have to go back and forth across menus to eventually get some music playing, if:
    1- you are lucky. Most of time, you will have to rely on “flow” to listen to the music Deezer chooses for you. Otherwise, nothing.
    2- you are still alive. Struggling with deezer’s menus means you are just not paying full attention on your driving. Not safe.
    The only solution I found is to get my hands on the phone (in a pure carplay fashion) and choose my music on the Deezer app, which works just fine.
    Too bad, because I specifically chose to get a carplay capable device (Pioneer SPH DA120) to run Deezer on it. …Not.
    (deezer app version 6.0.2 on the latest iOs release)

    • It’s the same with Spotify. Still not the best experience when connecting up, with blank screens, no status of the app connecting online so you think it’s crashed, sometimes you need to disconnect and reconnect to kick it into touch and at times you need to control it from the phone to get things playing. So you’re not alone.