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CarPlay Life is a website & YouTube channel dedicated to Apple’s CarPlay platform and technology that enhances your life, be it in your car, around your home, outdoors or just around your desk space. This site covers everything there is to do with Apple CarPlay and smart technology, from the latest news and reviews, app updates, to covering firmware updates and new hardware reviews from various makers of technology.

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We not only cover hardware reviews of Apple CarPlay products, we have also expanded our reach to various smart devices and products that help enhance our digital lifestyle. This includes smart power and wireless devices, to lifestyle products for your home or outdoor pursuits. So if you are a marker of such products please do get in touch via our contact methods below.

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We do not reply to support or help enquiries, these take a lot of time and you are much. better off contacting an installer or the maker of the product that we have reviewed.


Please DO NOT ask for compatability advice or support for any products we have covered on the site or our YouTube channel. This includes any CPLAY2air / CarLinkit / JoyeAuto dongles. Please contact them directly. We will ignore any emails that related to support. Please don't waste your time!